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Jcrop Documentation

Here we present to you, the most recent Jcrop documentation, the Jcrop Manual. This resource is a work-in-progress, but we hope it helps you get the most out of Jcrop!

Documentation Conventions

Throughout this documentation, you will see various code or variable references. To avoid excessive explanations, the table below describes the various references and their meaning.
aspectRatioUsually indicates an option setting
aspectRatio: 1.2Indicates an option setting and value
refresh()Indicates an object method, usually on Jcrop instance
$.Jcrop.componentA static property on jQuery.Jcrop object
Jcrop.filterA property on a Jcrop instance
Selection.activeA property on a Selection object

It's especially important to recognize the difference between mentions of Jcrop and $.Jcrop:
The former is an active instance, where the latter is the constructor.


Several kinds of callouts are used to draw attention to important details or information.

This may help clarify prior information
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