Frequently Asked Questions

Can Jcrop handle multiple selections?

Yes! Jcrop v2.x has been completely rewritten and now supports multiple crop selections on the same element. Please see the documentation for Managing Selections.

Can Jcrop handle non-rectangular selections?

Sorta. Internally, Jcrop works on rectangular selections. There's probably no way around that. However, with some CSS or custom selection objects, another shape can be presented within Jcrop's basic rectangular selection, to give the appearance of cropping another shape.

See the circles demo for an example of one such customization. Please note that you will still be responsible for handling any necessary server-side cropping, and non-rectangular shapes may present an extra challenge.

Can I include Jcrop in my application?
Can I sell a product that includes Jcrop?

Yes! Jcrop is provided under MIT License, which allows most uses, including selling a product that includes Jcrop. We suggest you read the license, it is short and to the point. Keep these points in mind:

  • Please ensure that copyright notices remain intact in source files
  • You cannot sue us for any reason stemming from your use of the software
  • It would be great if you would tell us how you're using Jcrop!

Can I submit ideas/requests for new features?

Sure! We'd love to hear your idea, contact us using the contact link in the header of this page. Please be aware that most feature suggestions or requests we receive tend to be for specialized use cases and may be deemed inappropriate for inclusion in the Jcrop core.

The good news is, Jcrop v2.x provides much greater customization possibilities due to an object-oriented design that allows for custom selection elements and a "filter chain" that can be used to create unique behaviors.

Can you provide example code in my language of choice?

No. The download archive includes very simple sample PHP code that demonstrates the basic cropping operation, and there is some discussion on this website about the steps to follow. We cannot teach you how to program your application, but we've tried to provide general information and links that might be helpful.

There are probably other online articles, tutorials, plugins written for Jcrop using your preferred programming environment, try asking a search engine!

Can you help with Jcrop and my responsive layout?

No. For lack of a better term, Jcrop is pixel-based and current versions don't play well with responsive CSS. The trend toward this type of site is on our radar screen but currently we are not aware of solutions to implementing Jcrop under these circumstances. If a fix is developed, it will be added to Jcrop core.

Are you available for custom Jcrop or Javascript work?

Yes! These requests tend to fall into two categories. Simple client-side Jcrop integrations or slight customizations can usually be completed within hours, and could be a valuable time-saver for your development effort.

On the other hand, many Jcrop integrations tend to involve server-side operations and larger considerations such as storage. We can assist with those issues too, or we can advise you on the proper steps to take for your particular situation.

A special consulting rate is available using the contact form on this site, get in touch for more information.